What is HTML?

  • HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is a simple Language to structure a web page
  • It is machine independent and all internet browser accept the html Code
  • Html Code is stored in a simple text file that has either example.htm or example.html filename extension
  • HTML tags are used to Format text
  • And embed content such as heading,paragraph,images,play audio,video clips along with page

HTML Example

What is HTML Tags?

  • HTML is a set of codes that you use to create a document.
  • Most element are written with start tag and end tag
  • However not all of the elements require the end tag so called Void elements do not have an end tag eg. <br/>,<input/>
  • A tag is a command or a text that is put within angular brackets
< ⇢ The Characters in the brackets indicate the tag's purpose
b ⇢ above the b tag stands for bold
> ⇢ The Closing tag has a forward slash after the < symbol
< ⇢ The terms "tag" and "element" are aften and interchangeably.
b ⇢ Stricly speaking. however, an element comprises then opening
> ⇢ tag and the closing tag and any content that lies between them.


<start-tag> contents </end-tag>

Example tags

  • <!DOCTYPE html> A document type declaration,rules for then markup language
  • <html> You use tags to create HTML elements , such as paragraphs or links
  • <body> <head> is it necessary to write head and body tag to the document
  • <h1> heading tage are still very important for seo for search engines
  • <p> tag defines a paragraph of the text

HTML5 Layout structure

<title> page title </title>
main page slider
information container
Footer section

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