HTML Basic Tags


  • HTML has six "levels of heading"
  • <h1> is used form main headings
  • <h2> is used form main subheadings
  • <h3> to <h6> next level of subheading
  • User can all so adjust the size of text using CSS

HTML Example


The HTML <p> element represents a Paragraph. Paragraph are usually represented a block of text, The <p> element can only contain inline elements within it

HTML Example

Line Break Tag

The HTML <br/> But if you wanted to add a line break inside the middle of a paragraph you can use the line break tag,

HTML Example

horizontal rule

The HTML <hr> TO Create a break between thematic break in an HTML page to divide or separate document sections. The hr tag is an empty tag and it does not requird an end tag.

HTML Example

There are a few elements that do not have any words between an opening and closing tag. They are known as empty elements and they are written differently. An empty element usually has only one tag.

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