Heading and paragraphs

What is HTML Elements?

  • HTML is a set of codes that you use to create a document.
  • Most element are written with start tag and end tag
  • However not all of the elements require the end tag so called Void elements do not have an end tag eg. <br/>,<input/>
  • A tag is a command or a text that is put within angular brackets
< ⇢ The Characters in the brackets indicate the tag's purpose
b ⇢ above the b tag stands for bold
> ⇢ The Closing tag has a forward slash after the < symbol
< ⇢ The terms "tag" and "element" are aften and interchangeably.
b ⇢ Stricly speaking. however, an element comprises then opening
> ⇢ tag and the closing tag and any content that lies between them.

Examples Tags

Element Description
Bill Gates Berlin


  • HTML has six "levels of heading"
  • <h1> is used form main headings
  • <h2> is used form main subheadings
  • <h3> to <h6> next level of subheading
  • User can all so adjust the size of text using CSS

HTML Example

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